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No matter how technically challenged, anyone can utilize

log data by using LogCenter flexible functions!



​Powerful and Insightful
Integrated Log Management Solution Functions

LogCenter only focuses on core issues to simplify complicated log data; Collecting, Saving, Analyzing, Monitoring. Let’s improve work productivity by LogCenter’s neat functions!

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 Topology & Resource 

Topology Map & Resource Monitoring

Experience LogCenter’s visualized Topology map for checking all the connected hosts LogCenter. 3 Types of perfect automatic coloring system regarding all your resource data.
Support each of detailed host information on Host Info page with resource trend (CPU/MEM/DIS) and usage of the network.



Specialized Dashboard
Real-time Monitoring System for Connected Devices

LogCenter provides complete widget contents and user widgets on
the purpose. Get a deep insight into log data through
inter-connection with your devices, and experience an efficient widget visuality via Line, Bar Chart, and all that sort of things.
Simply able to modify the updated log widget through Drag&Drop and organize the dashboard freely depend on your preference. 
Available to check all log data by just clicking the widget chart.

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Integrated Searching
for All Information

Trace log data and detect advanced threats through ‘LogCenter searching function’. Support diverse searching formats such as keyword & query functions based on data time series chart. Simply select and download the log data via searching function with tag, and column statistic.

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Daily & Custom Report

Take advantage of daily and custom reports
automatically generated for each host.
Contain various contents
sucah as resource state, event status etc.
Streamline reporting processby downloading
report as PDF and reservation email

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